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Important: For a Time For Images session, I have a strict one-strike no-show policy:If you agree to a time for images session, and if we schedule a date and time, and if you decide to cancel and do not contact me in any way at least 48 hours beforehand to let me know, or (worse) if you do not show up at all, I will not provide another time for images session for you, so don't bother to get back in touch unless it is to arrange for a paid session at full price.

I am always looking to add images of a variety of people of all types to my portfolio. From time to time I will offer a no-cost Time For Images (TFI) photo session to someone who I believe would photograph well and whose images I would like to add to my portfolio.

In StudioA TFI session serves two purposes: (1) I add images of interesting new people to my portfolio (sometimes while testing new equipment or trying new lighting techniques), and (2) you get high-quality professional images (usually more than 100). The only thing it costs you is your time, usually one to three hours.

However, in return for your time, you get copies of all digital images on a CD ROM and you agree to sign a Time for Images model release agreement that gives me the rights to use the images to display on my Web site, to show to potential clients, and for advertising, business, and purposes of trade. You must sign the release at the beginning of the session. If, for some reason, you are not pleased with the results, I will delete all images right then and that will be that.

Even though a Time for Images session will not cost you any cash out of your pocket, don't fall into a trap of thinking that "No cost" means "no value." My standard rate for a three-hour, multiple-look model portfolio session is $199.00, which is what I would charge you if you came to me for such a session. Even my basic portrait session is $79.00, so there is real value if I offer you the courtesy of a TFI session.

Important: Whether I offer a Time For Images session is solely at my discretion, not yours. I may freely give my work away from time to time, but no one has the right to demand my work for free. The "something-for-nothing" crowd will have to find someone else to scam.


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