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1. You'll want to look your best, so go get plenty of sleep the night before your session. If you're tired it will show.

2. Don't get a haircut, or try a different hairstyle for your portrait session. Chances are that the "do" won't be you, and you will not be comfortable with it or your portraits.

3. Remember to bring clothing changes to please not only yourself, but also your parents, family and future employers or school administrators.

4. Arrive early for your session. You'll be more in control, and look more confident if you are not in a hurry or rushing around.

5. Relax! Stress shows and makes you look tense. Your portrait session should be fun. Calm down, take a deep breath and enjoy it.

6. Wear long sleeve clothing whenever possible. Bare arms and shoulders draw attention away from your face. Long sleeves are more versatile than short sleeves and help minimize distractions.

7. For your more traditional portrait, such as head and shoulder or formal poses, solid muted or soft colors are less distracting than bright colors and bold patterns. Remember your senior portrait shouldn't be about what you're wearing as much as it is about who you are and how you look.

8. It's usually best to match your clothing to your surroundings. Medium to dark clothing goes best with darker backgrounds, while lighter clothing works best with light backdrops or sets.

9. Props add meaning, familiarity and variety to your portraits. By bringing a few of your "favorite things" with you, we will be better able to illustrate your hobbies, sports activities and interests and you will probably be more comfortable for your portrait session.

10. Bring a friend! It's easier to enjoy your portrait experience if you're sharing it with someone with whom you are comfortable.

11. Plan ahead! Think about who you are and what you like, then speak up and let us know. By expressing yourself and contributing to your session, you'll be more likely to really enjoy and appreciate the final portrait images.

12. Make your appointment reservation early so you can pick a day and time when you'll most likely to be at your best. Some people like mornings, others prefer afternoons. If you feel good your portraits will look good.

13. Don't, don't, don't try to get a last minute tan
before your portrait session. Tan lines and sunburns are hard to overlook and expensive to correct.


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