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Bronze Star Medal I'm a retired U.S. Navy officer who has enjoyed photography for decades. I have embarked on a second career that is not photography-related, but I still enjoy taking pictures of people and places. Therefore, I seek out creative and interesting work.

The finest compliment I can get is from someone who is so amazed and pleased with the images I take of them that they say, "I can't believe that's me in the photo." And that happens a lot. It can happen for you, too. If you have rarely or never been pleased with your pictures, then I would welcome the chance to work with you.

I have been working for over 25 years with one of the best custom professional color laboratories in the Southeast to provide my customers with the finest quality prints, whether the print is a 4x5 inch or a wall mural.

I shoot with a variety of equipment, from the latest Fuji S3 and Kodak DCS Pro 14n DSLR (digital single lens reflex) cameras to a 4x5-inch view camera. I work with both film and digital because (1) digital isn't quite the "magic bullet" advertisers would have you believe it is, and (2) film isn't dead yet. And I still love using my Nikon film cameras.

I have taught photography classes at North Metro First Baptist Church. I also collect (and repair) some cameras. My oldest camera has a patent date of 1911, almost 95 years ago (and I can still get film for it!). I have several pre-World War II cameras, a Graflex 4x5 Speed Graphic, Graflex 4x5 Super Graphic, and a rare Gowlandflex 4x5 twin-lens reflex camera, one of only about 600 made by the famous glamour photographer and inventor Peter Gowland.

People pictures are my specialty; I have shot hundreds of portraits and weddings. My interests in portraiture ranges from classic, to cutting edge, to old-style black-and-white Hollywood glamour, to dramatic "Film Noir" style complete with vintage clothing and props. When weather permits, I like to shoot outdoors on location at one of many public places near my home in Lawrenceville. I also have a 450-square-foot home studio where I can accommodate up to five adults in group portraits.


So ... I know a little bit about photography. I hope the quality of my work shown here will convince you that I can handle your photographic needs.

If I had been an adult in the 1960's ....



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